My new project :)

Wow, last time I posted the subject was, “Been over a year” and now it has been 21 months since that post!  I really do not post often enough!

So, about 11 months ago I was putting together a model car to keep myself busy during winter.  I decided I wanted to put together a diorama to display it a future ones.  I wanted to do a car shop but was having problems finding any detailed garage doors.  Finally, I decided to buy a 3D printer and just make my own garage doors!  So that happened and after a couple months and many tries I was happy with the finished garage doors.  I put everything aside and didn’t work on the diorama again until recently.  I have some pictures to show.  The most complete pictures are still nowhere near done.  I still have interior walls, gutter downspouts, asphalt and other things to do!  Here are the pictures(Note, the last few pics I finally added the garage doors I made almost a damn year ago!  They aren’t done, still have “glass” to put in them)!

Original rough cut

Checking for size

Bricked 3 of the walls and cut out door and window