OMG – Yes another diorama post!

So I found some awesome stuff online (ebay – mainly by raybob100cameras) and had to buy them! Got a workbench, oil cans, oil bottles, tools, hoses, engine lift, and other accessories. I 3D printed a new wood display for some of them. I also removed the crappy old lighting I had and printed 8 external lights and 9 internal lights. Printed 2 battery boxes and wired the 2 sets to the 2 boxes. I also added more people around the diorama also.

Here are some main photos. Click and scroll through for my descriptions!

You can see the 8 lights I added to the outside and sort of see the 9 lights I added to the inside. I also added this “tagger” to the outside where I already had graffiti on the wall. I also added two electrical conduits that feel the lines into the diorama for the lights.

Here are some shots of inside the diorama:

Here are now some pics with the lights turned on:

Look at my other post to see a list of what was printed.