My Diorama

I started building the diorama a few months back.  I purchased some foam board and printed some corner pieces to hold it all together.  Here is the dry fit:

I then adjusted the corner pieces(printed 3 more copies) and started to assemble.  I also printed some sheets of bricks to see how at would start to look.

I continued to brick the inside and outside walls of all but the front piece.  I also staged some accessories I purchased from ebay as well as some grass around the building.

I then put the front on and after a year, I finally got to put my garage doors together!

After that, I had to decide how to create the asphalt.  I decided on black paint mixed with some very fine crafting sand.  I painted that on and then parking space lines.

I had some models of men I had to put together and paint.  I also created internal walls for a bathroom and printed a bunch of bathroom items.

I started gluing some of the accessories down.  I also cut plastic and inserted into the garage door panels.  Here are some pictures of the diorama as of the time of this post.  And some pictures of the fence I will put around the dumpster once I stain them.

Here is a list of everything I printed:

  • Garage doors
  • Parking spot stoppers
  • Sidewalk
  • Gutter and downspouts
  • Wall corners(outside and bathroom walls)
  • Chairs
  • Couch
  • Bathroom items(ALL)
  • Customer service counter
  • Dumpster