Welcome to my site!  I’ll update this regularly sometimes and other times maybe once per year.  If you want to follow me more closely, just friend me on Facebook.


I’ve been in the IT industry since 1989 and currently work for IT Convergence in the Chicagoland area.  I started out as a PC tech and moved up through the ranks to be server manager, server group manager, monitoring admin and many other positions.  At ITC I started as the Global Manager of Monitoring, but now wear two other hats, Global Manager of Windows and Global Manager of Corporate IT.  I gotta say, I love my job!

In my spare time I’m either printing stuff on my 3D Printer, hanging out with my wife, working on car models/diorama or playing games on the PC.  I’ll use this blog to talk about all of those items!


My Diorama

I started building the diorama a few months back.  I purchased some foam board and printed some corner pieces to hold it all together.  Here is the dry fit: I then adjusted the corner pieces(printed 3 more copies) and started to assemble.  I also printed some sheets of bricks to see how at would start …